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Divinity and the master guides who join together as The Gathering are assistants in our process of ascension and reclaiming wholeness. The information they share is provided to aid in our growth, remembrance, and reclamation of ourselves as the radiant well-being and light we innately are.

They address our personal areas of development and life experiences in the Earth plane, daily life, thought and emotion, our so-called baggage and hang-ups, blocks, and self-imposed limitations, and show us where these derive from within our being. They explain the formation of these and the reasons why the experiences occur so that we can gain an understanding of what we are in the process of learning. They then walk us through the manners to embrace acceptance and provide the tools to apply so we can move through the challenges, heal on multi-levels, and create transformation in ourselves and our lives. 

The masters and Divinity's ultimate goal is to aid us in living as our innate brilliance, increasing our awareness, raising vibration, and frequencies, and uplifting these in all existing in the Earth plane and beyond.

The Gathering

The Gathering is an extensive assembly of masters of the highest light realm. They transcend time and space as interdimensional beings, aligned as Oneness in function and awareness as the Love vibration. Masters of The Gathering convene based on the information that is needed to be related at the time of communication with them. In our early stage of working together, they introduced themselves with the following statement,

"We are The Gathering, a council of beings as Consciousness. Some of us are masters once incarnated, some exist merely as Consciousness, some are healers, others are personal guardians. There is no set number of us. Let it be known that we are a congregation that comes together for humanity's ascension process. We function on multidimensional levels.

We are the Christ Aware Consciousness in our essence, this is as we hold and vibrate our awareness. We are Oneness, for are we not all? At times one as signature self will come forward to speak, at other times we speak as one Consciousness assembled. Our work is to increase the vibration, frequency, and harmony within all living in the Earth plane and rippling off to surround. All of our messages, all of our purpose speaking through you and assisting others, is in healing. To come to a place of self-honesty, self-truth, revelation, acceptance, knowledge and transformation, and expansion. So, the main point is this, to increase the vibration all is existing in and as. Through doing this in the raised frequency and harmonics, it changes the platform all exists on. Attuning, providing the steps, the tools, and the gateway to healing the inner-self and the self on every level of being."

Divinity Council Of Three

When asked how they would like to be introduced, the Divinity Council of Three responded, "That of Divinity, ourselves indeed, we share that the description is that of the Oneness, Christ Conscious Awareness, and Divine Spirit of life, of all, the essence. We are hoping to guide, to move humanity into a place of restoration and healing. Restoring the self as memory, as thought, as emotional being, as essence, sound-light.”


In a 1997 interview for our publication, Spiritual Quintessence, the Divinity shared, 

“Throughout the ages, throughout creation and religions, and philosophies of people, there have been many titles, many names, many concepts given to us to state what we are, and to some what we are not. At this time we state our full and true identity in hope of assisting those who seek the way to the truth of the inner self, which is the truth of the universal realities. We hope that through the stating there may be the inward searching and finding of humans within their own self-conflicts about our presence within them, within all existing, and our ability to communicate with humans through humans, from one to another, and truly through all life. It is for this greater purpose, the realization within each that we are available to speak with and to respond personally with each of you, that each who seeks may hear and find the way most right for them. That the times of aggravation, the times of following one another in human form or a belief system, may turn to when each finds solitude within themselves and their own connection with the Divine Source and all answers and pathways they are seeking."


Heather Anayaya

Heather Anayaya has been a conscious channel for the Divinity for 27 years. She began using the name Anayaya in her role as a channel following a transformative spiritual journey in which she was told that it is the name of her signature self, the aware aspect that she exists as multidimensionally. 


Beginning in childhood, she experienced bouts of expanded perception, spirit travel, and interactions with guides, the angelic, and life force energy. During her grade school years, Heather learned that she had a knack for entering and guiding others into an expanded state of awareness.

As a young adult, she learned to utilize and fine-tune her abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, and other innate skills, leading her to study and later instruct classes in metaphysics, meditation, and how to connect with master light guides. Heather began conscious channeling in 1994, and after intensive training with multiple groups of light guides, became a channel for the Divinity Council of Three in February 1995. 

After ten years as a channel for the Divinity, Heather chose to stop channeling for others and ceased her work teaching. For nearly fifteen years, she attempted to live a so-called normal life, channeling only for herself and when Divinity or the Masters instructed her to do so on behalf of another. Eventually, the side path she traveled, void of the deep spiritual connection that she had previously lived, immersed her in depression and despair. Seeking relief she was guided in working with the aspects of herself that she had previously attempted to sidestep.  


Anayaya shares portions from her journey and the process of spiritually reopening in her blog, A Blessed Journey so that others can know that they are not alone, embrace the beauty of their authentic self, and actively write themselves a beautiful and lush life story as they open to embrace and embody wholeness.

Buddhist Singing Bowl


"Awakening as the conscious light we each are is a social justice movement. As each one of us shines brighter, increasing our awareness, opening our hearts, and raising our frequencies, we have a profound effect on the world around us. Not only do we individually feel and function better by experiencing greater clarity, calm, kindness, and positive manifestations in our life, we equally increase the energy frequencies of all existing in the world, including Earth herself; lending a helping hand by producing higher consciousness and positive transformation for all." 

The Gathering
Heather Anayaya
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