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Relationships: A Personal Session
Channeled July 11, 2021

The following excerpt is from a session for L. She had requested insight on how to handle disturbances within her marriage and how to help a loved one and his partner who are experiencing alcohol addiction.

Permission was granted for public sharing.

"In matters of your household, there are the changes coming that will shake things up a bit. The youngest daughter may move away as she will see another option, an opportunity, and live with friends. This will, if occurs, eliminate some of the tension for the husband holds great grudge against her. He has had his own challenging limitations and is not in a place to rule or judge, but does so anyway. We say to you, L.,  that it is no different than judgments that you have placed outward toward his family extensions. And so, we add and say, that first check yourself and then let go the judgments you have in your attitude and thinking. Then, and only then, once cleared, will the situation begin to change inside of yourself.

The situation with your husband is causing disturbances on multiple planes of your existence and his. There is an example of when you are in a house that is burning you can not see for there is thick smoke all around you. So it seems within your marriage that there are reactions to situations and conversations and so forth that are as the smoke filling the space, and neither of you can see or perceive clearly. To find the way through is a path of solitude, for each of you must be willing to look inside your own heart, mind, and reasons for the strife that is occurring between you. And then, having willingness to be real and true, not only in yourselves but with each other, step forward to change the patterns that were previously created and put into motion. 

There are areas each of you has touched on by the other's actions, speech, and behaviors. Yours are of being controlled and told what to do as well as what not to do in behavior. When these are expected, the triggers, you wait and search for them and you then are no longer open to living and greeting the moment, or as is seen to you as a new moment, for you are reactionary to the past way of interpretation, experience, and past reaction in your current living.

To change this there must be the decision, the desire, and to acknowledge a new course of behaviors that come from, stemming solely from, the new moment - which is each and every moment. There is required within you to then agree within yourself to be free and forgiving, letting go the past so that you are able to be present here and now. We hear your thought, this does indeed mean to step out from the past behavior, energy, and story - the genuine Be Here Now energy and thought and reality, and let loose, let go, send off away from all before it, no longer holding onto it. You of course will have memories, we are not saying for you to lose them. We are saying to forgive all trespasses true and imagined, speculated, and hand them into the Divine realm, essence as Wholeness. Let go the attachments by your decision to do so. "Is it really that simple?", you are asking, and we say it is as simple as you choose to make it.

Your mind will bring opportunities for the old patterns of belief to arise in you and in regard to your husband, his family, and so forth. It is your choice, your decision, of whether to heal them as restored in light - meaning to acknowledge as they arise, holding the self separate as observer and send love, Divine awareness, into them. Remember, this is what all is at its core and so the transformation remains ever-present. What holds the lower thought, the painful or unpleasant or disruptive emotions, is your willingness to hold them. You must become the master of your own mind and the manner in which you are thinking, perceiving. Without awareness followed by action, a determined attitude of the manner of your thinking, the change is not long-lasting. 

This course of action requires you to look into your responsibilities as a light being playing here in Earth reality. It requires you to pay attention inwardly and observe how you experience, how you respond to living reality in the physical world around you, and in expanded realities that are existing. One can only open so far, extending awareness, as they allow themself, and the first realm to heal and move through is the mind and its reactions and buffers and story-telling.

We tie this all into your relationship with your husband for your experiences are shaped by the manner in which you are behaving, perceiving, and lack of transformative action. There is seen that he very likely will not do this, not apply these suggestions, and that is fine for there is choice. You can only transform yourself and the energy around you. This spoken, you are able, when connected in awareness as Divine Consciousness, to do your own transformative healing and to apply it to your extended energy bodies and the spaces in which you are interacting and dwelling.  By creating and claiming healing space, he will be within it and can then choose to raise in vibration, or he may become further agitated and take a different path which is to leave it, the space, the dwelling. If this is the case, then we say it is alright for each is on their own journey of discovery. Let loose the ties that define the relationship as your mind's thinking and societal rules and guidelines and religious rhetoric claim should be, and be instead in honor of the chosen pathway of all beings. For so often there is strife because the humans are attempting, trying so hard, to force their values and rigid thinking, their beliefs, and their personal, cultural, societal, genophobe stories onto others. Tend to yourself in the manners and steps earlier provided and in doing you free yourself from heartache. You will indeed be free through transformative thinking and actions based on principles of Divine loving rather than possession and power attempts over another or the situations you are dwelling in with them.

We skip over areas, questions, regarding R. and T., due to you already knowing how to address them. We see and acknowledge that you are seeking comfort and reassurance. You can accept this response as our having provided and given. Their road is long, it is not a straight one. Send love, speak with honesty and compassion, and love them. It is their stories, individually and intertwined, that they are telling. Listen as a loving observer. Share your communication as the Divine Love vibration. Quite literally being in the energy, blended, when you speak and share with them. And, be present without judgment or hostility or fear or condemnation for all, every creature existing, has something that they are overcoming through self-loving nature. You are no different, your story only plays out in a different manner.

We say lastly, to remove the energy of pity. For it is not helpful to others and it is in fact a manner of energy that one uses to feel that they are momentarily superior to the one whom they are judging. There are, there is, far more fitting energy that will be beneficial if you are indeed seeking to aid their transformation. Prayer, envisioning, and knowing the essence of Divine Love within them, around them, is far more helpful as is your thought, your awareness, with them as Oneness, and they then can choose to apply, accept, and assimilate it and at what degrees."

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