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Seeing God

Practice breathing and shining the Divine Essence when in public. Immerse yourself in it. You may very well inspire another.

On a recent morning while heading to work, my attention was drawn to a man sitting on a bench beside a bridge. What caused me to turn and notice was the energy that moved through and around him, it was Divine Essence, sheer beauty. His face turned toward the rising sun, a delicate smile upon his lips, chin lifted, angled, eyes closed as the essence flowed through him and billowed in the surrounding air, blending. With my physical eyes I saw a man in his mid-60's, scruffy, and lending the impression of living on the streets. As awareness, I saw the Divine, God in form before me.

There is a practice I learned from the masters long ago. It is one Divinity speaks of often, continually reminding that all is One, the Divine incarnated and also out of incarnation. They call us to be aware, to be conscious in self and from our small spark we then expand inward and outward to notice that we are interconnected. They teach that humanity and all others existing are each the same being, as are the rivers and trees, the sky, stars, and mountains, moving off Earth through space and all of the dimensions. We are thought, we are essence, we are light-sound frequency, and color.

The practice reminds us of how to breathe as another; aware in our wholeness, our sameness, our existence as the One essence, One being. On some days I feel it, on some I am conscious and aware as the extensions of God that I am and of those which are me, united. On other days, days when I choose to distance, choose upset or frustration, choose petty irritation or frenzy, I don't feel it. On those days, having made the lesser decision on where to place my awareness and align my essence, I experience difficulty and I miss out on the wonder that is occurring all around me.

I was having such a morning when I was awakened by the practice of this brother, our self in reflection, sitting by the bridge immersed in the moment, breathing God and reflecting It's image. Seeing him immersed in essence woke me. Like a mantra I hear the word 'choices'. It echoes through me. I feel it vibrate in my cells, penetrating all of my layers and expanding outward from me to you and you to another, reverberating everywhere throughout our being.

Take Away

  • We are always connected with and as the Divine, and therefore with and as each other.

  • Every moment offers us the ability to choose the energy, mood, degree of awareness, etc. to align with.

  • Practice breathing and shining the Divine Essence when in public. Immerse yourself in it. You may very well inspire another.

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