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Do I Want To Be Healed?

When seeking to heal, be it our physical body, mental-emotionally, addiction, or a situation in our life, the first question to ask the self is, "Do I want to be healed?" If our response is yes, then the next question to ask is, "Am I willing to do what is required of myself to heal?"

These may seem obvious questions, but underneath or alongside our desire to heal there are often thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that counter the desire. A lasting healing requires us to practice loving compassion and genuine self-honesty. It is at times an expedition into our subconscious and past to unearth beliefs, emotions, and decisions that no longer serve us and that disrupt our well-being.

The healing process is not anchored to a timeline. It is fluid, propelled by our dedicated intention and willingness to proceed. Begin with these questions and if there is resistance, anything ranging from a mild response to a booming "No", explore the reasons for this response. As you ask yourself questions, such as, "Where does this emotion/thought/etc. come from?", let the answer flow without suppression or second guessing it. Writing down your responses or speaking them aloud can greatly aid you in the process of unearthing the cause, and equally the solutions, to any resistance you have. And this is a grand step in the direction of self-healing.

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