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A Conversation about Fear

The following is a conversation between Anayaya and the guides. Anayaya had been considering leaving the regular work force and returning to work as a spiritual wellness coach and channeling publicly. Each time that she had made the decision to proceed fear rose in her, saying, "What will people think and say about me?", and she would stop moving forward. The day prior to this reading, exhausted from her day at work, she had asked the guides and Source for help in creating a positive, blessed life that would free her from the constant, time consuming work life that she was experiencing, and to create and claim an amazing, beautiful life with creativity, freedom, and financial safety and abundance. This conversation is the first response to that request.

"Why are you afraid of others? Their words, their actions only reflect their inner conflicts and convictions. To whom do you refer, in fear, as 'others' and 'they'? People who you know casually? People you once, long ago were friends with? Others with a past history in your existence but are no more to you now than a face on social media? Is this, dear one, who the others are?

“When fear speaks, do the stating of it - recognize it, ask what it is protecting you from. Send it love and, as you expand as light, the fear melts in its presence both within you and in its ability to affect you and negatively influence you.”

We also see that there is fear of faceless tyrants. Those who will question, doubt, attack. They will exist regardless. Is it worthy of holding back in silence so not to ruffle feathers? To hold back the light, skill and beauty that you are a vehicle for passage into the physical plane so to not disrupt others who slumber? You have lived both ways, which do you prefer better?"

H: I prefer the energy, the feel, and the way I function when I am open, connected, grounded, and channeling.

"You, in time past, used your mother as a reason, an excuse, to not channel broadly, louder, to be seen and heard. She has since left the Earth plane. Your sister, she does her own thing and is of no concern to your holding back from the Way. Who else is there? And, does it, do they in their opinions, matter enough to stop, to cease your call to be a voice, a channel of the Way?"

H: No.

"Your children, your husband, do they block your way?

H: No, they love and accept me as I am even if not understanding or agreeing.

"Then, can it be seen this day, this moment and onward that what fear speaks of is of the reaction, jeers, and judgements of faceless others, people you once knew but that no longer play a role in your life other than a stopping place for fear?"

H: Yes. It doesn't make much logical sense when looked at. It doesn't make much sense for me to stop myself when I know what it is to live one way versus the other.

"The other area we see rise in you is the concern and questioning of why you had not previously or since, you say, been given greater aid and support in sharing the message. Did you not try, you ask and question. You see fault in those placed around you back in the day, no one to manage, market, no one to lead to your or the messages great success. Is this accurate?"

H: Yes.

"Then let us say, dear love, that you were placed to face difficulties, as were each of those placed with you. You are not the sole one who experiences and stops with fear. And yet, so much was gained by your pathway since. Your learning did not stop, you took a different way. You slowed and appeared to stop however you kept learning, growing, becoming. You were but a seed permeating underground."

H: I can see this. I so desperately wanted someone to step in to my life who would get the work out to the world - but I didn't do it. Ruth tried and Michelle transcribed so much, but I never pursued channeling to larger groups or sending the information to publishers. It seemed to me that other channelers had greater support and people placed to help them, who knew how to do speaking engagements and publishing. I felt that my group and I were a group of misfits without a direction or clue. I still don't know how to proceed, and even as I say this I feel fear rise up and say the same, "What will people say?" Where do I go from here?

"Open, dear one. Open your heart, open your mind. Move the fear. You can do this. It is done, achieved, in several ways. It is done by forward motion - opening yourself daily to meditate, to channel, to replace complacent energy with an uplifted, flowing river of energy. This will clear your passageways, offer new insights and ground you. Then you will be able to see, think, and function more clearly. Then, ask for what you need and take the steps to obtain. That is all it is, taking a step, then taking another.

When fear speaks, do the stating of it - recognize it, ask what it is protecting you from. Send it love and, as you expand as light, the fear melts in it's presence both within you and in its ability to affect you and negatively influence you. You have been given a gift, a skill that flows so readily, so very beautifully. Look at you sitting here now. Even as closed and in the self imposed sense of disconnection that you have felt for so long, you open and flow - gushing.

You have learned - as you had requested - what it feels like, is like, to struggle to feel connected to Source - to the Oneness within which is all, which is Divine self as everything. You have spent fifteen years approximately, in this experiment which you had requested and you now know the suffering, you now know the captivity, you now know the struggle and mental, emotional, spiritual pain of being an ordinary human that longs for purpose and connection and sees no way out. You have not been disconnected, no one is. You always knew this but you now are capable of relating to those still seeking and struggling. You understand the struggle. You are able through use of your compassion, experience, and other abilities to bridge in a way others do differently. We and other guides will assist you in this. We are here to aide.

Ponder these words, this communication, and do not allow fear to turn you, to take it lightly. This is the answer to your cry for help. You have been heard. We are real and we are here guiding, waiting, and assisting. You do not need to return to slumber. Shalom."

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