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Creating a Base of Intention

achieve: successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

Transforming our lives is primarily directed by intention. The process begins with awareness of the desire or the need to create change. Sometimes the current way of living has become too painful, uncomfortable, or outdated and we recognize that in order to experience differently, we need to think, behave, and react differently.

The following practice is a tool to create a base of intention. You will use it to identify the change that you will create in your life. Allow yourself to be completely honest with yourself, to play, imagine, and have fun.

  • Begin by identifying your desired goal. Ask yourself, "What outcome do I want to achieve?" Speak it out loud to yourself and write it down in detail.

  • What does this accomplished goal look like in your life?

  • Why is it important that you achieve this goal?

  • What does it feel like to be living your goal? Immerse yourself in it, as though having already achieved the outcome.

  • See and experience it in detail. Use your imagination and see/feel yourself actively living your goal.

For the next five days, you will be creating the new habit of training your mind. As you immerse yourself in the new story, the more your mind will normalize it and you will be able to acknowledge it as an aspect of your life worthy to be experienced.

  • Every morning and evening, and anytime throughout the day, make time to repeat the above. Read the detailed notes that you had previously created and immerse yourself in them for several minutes or longer. Add a greater description to the story as you discover more details.

  • Make a side section, separate from the story of your goal outcome, where you can briefly jot down any derogatory thoughts, doubts, fears, worries, etc. that may arise as you practice your new story. These are to be kept brief and not focused on at this time. Write them down and then move your focus, intention, and emotion back to the new story.

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