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Choices, Part Two

Today I feel like a very small, limited human. It is okay. There is beauty in this too.

I am tired. This morning, for some reason, I feel stuck and a bit defeated. In my minds eye I picture getting up and going outside to watch the sunrise. In reality it is -1 and quite snowy, so not happening. The draw is for spring, growth, and living in a way that adds beauty and abundance. I tell myself that it is the outer world that I am referring to, however in actuality it is a mirroring of my inner self.

Today I feel small, not capable of much beyond the here and now. I know this comes and goes. I know that creativity flows, peaks, and ebbs. Today I feel like a very small, limited human. It is okay. There is beauty in this too. Today is perhaps just a day spent more in the human world than in channeling and creativity.

I feel ideas and realizations toying at the corners and edges of my mind. When I look, moving my awareness to them, they dodge away to remain unseen. I have choices. I can continue to feel small and decide whether I will experience peace or misery within it, I can decide to explore the reasons of why I am having this experience, and / or I can intentionally transform my experience. I close my eyes and feel.

I am in a vast darkness like space, and then a light appears. It moves and flows changing shape. I am calm and conscious. I am aware as a body and I am grounded to the Earth while also connected to the Consciousness. I then see that a part, an important part, of connection and being in the world is bridging consciously between the realms. Life isn't all meditation and channeling. It also contains the mundane actions that exist in daily life. I am shown, and recognize, myself working at my job and being at home, accomplishing duties and chores while connected consciously; flowing, breathing, be-ing. Being divine and human together in function. There is an absence of the gushing flow of divine light and I see that today the light is a glowing mist that is blended within me. Still connected, present, and whole, just different, and that is okay.

Holding the awareness in me, I go about my day.

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