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Understanding our Messages

September 16, 1997
Following the Divinity's instruction, a few editing changes have been made from the originally spoken session

We greet you this day with love, dear ones, and we thank you for your interest in the message to come, the inspiration within each heart's desire, longing, choosing, seeking to be complete in the acknowledgment of the self in its wholeness state. This wholeness is with you at all times, for never is one incomplete or lacking, without it. It is the state of the mind, the conscious awareness of the heart of each and every spirit, and all parts of the self-being forming this one you know of as your Self. To this part of your being, this Self we speak of, we congratulate you on the love at hand, reaching outward to claim and to receive what is rightfully yours and finding in the way that is most right for your being on your pathway, in your choosing, your deciding of things to be.

Prior to our moving onward in message to you this day we wish to speak to you of the way to find, to gain, greater learning, greater understanding of the words, the messages, the concepts, and ideas which we bring through. There are many ways to comprehend. For most, it is through usage of the mind alone, thinking that words represent merely what they use the words to be. To express the self in writing, in sign language, through voice or drawings, and yet there is so much more beyond this idea of language and what words are to be.

The words we use are not accidental. We send thought groups, concepts through energy vibrations, to our channel as she aligns with us and we trigger within her those words most fitting. We explain this to you so that you may each listen, hearing and seeing the messages truly at hand rather than merely as words upon a paper to read blindly, to have blank expression, or to represent only what the words on the paper are interpreted as by you. For, each human could read the same paper, hear the same words, and interpret in their own meaning and it is for this reason that we explain now; that you truly hear as we are speaking, as we are speaking it, and the concepts, the ideas, the thought-forms represented by the words appearing before you. You must understand that words are alive, living life force energy with essence uniquely their own.

Most humans think of words as something to use to relate to one another, to describe things.  Yet all consist of energy, all is life force, all are alive, conscious, existing on their own accord without creation from another, meaning from a human. And while this goes unnoticed, not comprehended or fully understood by humans in the largest percentage, words are used freely. They are used as though dead. As though not having life, not being formed, or existing without a human to utter them.

The words you use, the words we use, are greatly important for they represent who and what each one is within their own self. The tonalities are vibrations of energy and within the vibrations of energy there are light colors and each color distinction, each shade, each vibration represents a purely unique aspect or thing. It shows who and what you truly are, what you are experiencing, what you are thinking and feeling. All of these are perceived, recognized, and known by each individual, each living entity, human and non-human alike although to most it goes unnoticed consciously; subconsciously, molecularly, atomically and beyond these through the DNA, to where all exist as pure energy, pure thought, none goes unnoticed or unknown, unrecognized by the Self or by the Self of another.

We state this at this time so each one, including our channel, seeking, each one grasping, each one understanding and seeking to further their own self in comprehension of our ways and all life, all being, so that you may become aware within your own Self. That you may begin acknowledging the words that you use regularly, the tonalities you use as well as the stances in posture and facial expressions with these. Becoming aware of the thoughts, those of the smallest glimpses to those most acknowledged and seen by your own Self-being. Becoming aware of who and what you truly are in expression; expressing life, living, thinking, feeling, and emitting vibrations of light energy.

* To call upon a word in usage as we are currently doing through this message, to do this in awareness is to feel the vibration of the word and to become aware of the word in its literalness. In its definition of itself, not yours nor any others of it, but what the word itself is. What it exists as and vibrates throughout its entire being. This is the literalness that we, as well as all in the higher planes of Light existing in consciousness and Oneness, use words as when we speak, when we are relating.

To use a word loosely, to use without full comprehension at every moment of what the words coming through you or that you are thinking mean, is to remain in ignorance of the life force about you, the extension of the Self into all planes. To become aware at a deep basic level of understanding and comprehension of what the words and thought-ideas truly are individually; each word making up a sentence and what that sentence in its full literal meaning with the combining of every single word means, is to call upon the essence, the life force being of the word entities which are created and existing on their own. You may create with these. You may move beyond limitation and the restricted perception of human reality into the reality all truly exists within and as. You may manifest into the physical plane what you are seeking, desiring, hoping, and praying to have around your being, and within as well. And through lifting up your voice in consciousness, awareness of the life force that is in all, you may become aware of how you represent your own self to others, of the mirrors you hold around yourself personally, shining, reflecting back. You may become aware that the walls of limitation are illusional. Although quite real to your perception while remaining locked within them, on the level of awareness, of acceptance of the life force, the Oneness of all you are in and always connected with, the walls crumble, they dissolve for they do not truly in full reality exist.

We shall present to you in the coming messages on reclaiming Wholeness Self several meditations and exercises of thought, blending with your spirit in awareness and with the Spirit of Life.  We ask that you take special note within your mind to hear precisely as we are speaking and not as you individually are interpreting, for that creates confusion. We ask that each one become aware as the life force, the light, clear golden within yourself, your mind, filling your body and moving throughout all tissue, each cell, through the bones and marrow, the blood, each muscle and nerve, all areas of the spine. Each atom and nucleus of the mind into the smallest energy particle which together forms your entire being which you think of as physicalness yet moves outward to fill the auric space about you; your energy fields, your thought impressions, your desires, your emotions, your spirit being, your soul, yourself as Oneness, as Life.


Within this golden light, this acknowledgment which cascades through you of your true being, your identity, yourself acknowledged, known, and loved, allow your mind to open, expanding upward, thinking of the Divine, the Godness, the Mother-Father-Holy Spirit, the Christ Conscious Awareness, the Isness, the Void, the Bodhisattva. Thinking of that which it is to you in name, in concept representative of and allow this concept, this idea, this feel, this emotion, this color, whichever it is you personally relate to and create with, to lift you up higher as restrictions fall away from your mental-physical mind. From your heart in its disorder and dis-ease of all kinds.

As you allow yourself to blend, to move, to connect with us as you think us to be, allow then your restrictions, your limitations of us to fall away and experience me as I am. I am personal to each one for I am you and you are me. All life has been created from the center of my being. All energy vibrates, pulsates in the same accord. Together we are One and it is possible for each one to relate with me, to me, and me to each of you. If there are fears or restrictions, arguments that get in the way, look into them now. Make a mental note of them. Write them down. Speak to yourself, speak to me, for I am you and we seek healing-return to Love Source as the Divine Light, the whole healing, the unity. Through looking within, through asking and acknowledging any arguments with the smaller self, any dis-ease, upsets, or worry, call upon what it is you personally think, feel, and limit to be the Godness, and ask for truth to shine upon you, within you, leading you along the way and allow yourself to follow, to hear, to receive. Allow the spark of truth within your being, each and everyone, to grow into the glorious flame of remembering the universal truth all is a part of. You may at any time ask yourself questions or allow your questions to move upward through the light to us and we shall hear. We shall respond. 

We do indeed ask you as well as notify you that it is greatly important to move beyond expectation, to let expectations fall away and exist no more. For expectation in what we are and how we should or should not be limit your perception of us and get in the way of us truly communicating with you. For, often humans limit and restrict our being and those aides and assistants of highest light who are all around you assisting, loving and caring, providing for your needs, for what you seek. Often the human lifts its voice up and requests, "Lord", or whatever name, "Help me please. Answer my prayer. Tell me what is occurring. What I am to do.", and such as these. And always there is a response in some way, some form. Whether through the stillness of your inner self in the knowing coming, existing. Whether through a voice spoken, whether through another human meeting with you and their words ringing true something deep inside. Whether through a book or television or radio or an occurrence. In some way, some form, you are always responded to. Though so often it is not heard. It is not received. It is not listened to and at times not even desired even though the outward self, the mental self, the voice, may command and speak and state, "I tried. I spoke and received no response. No one is listening. Nothing is happening." It is often, most often, due to the self not listening, not receiving, remaining blind to our responses back to you. Expectations block the doorways of reception. For as one waits, expecting in a certain set way, life goes on, energies shift, words are spoken, messages are relayed, and prayers are given for what you seek. If they are not seen they are not responded to or received by you due to restrictions of the self waiting in a set way.

In these messages we speak and bring through to you we ask that you remain open and allow yourself to truly hear as we speak the concepts we relay. Anytime you find yourself with hardness, with argument, with fear, with longing, allow yourself to acknowledge this and then create a stillness within the mind as though smoothing out a sheet. Open your heart and look inside at what it is you are feeling, what you are thinking, and pose questions to yourself of why you think or feel in this way, of where it comes from. And allow yourself to remain still and calm and the knowing shall come to you, through you expanding outwardly. Continue posing questions to the responses that come until you understand why you think and feel and react, respond, in the ways you do, until there is understanding for yourself, of yourself, and then acceptance, which is peace, which is healing, may come filling and moving through.

Those who remain open, those who hear our words as the words are intended, who allows themself to feel the essence move through them to see the larger picture, the concept, and to become in understanding of what this concept is, you shall be the ones who hear our message, who receive healing truly within your whole being as One, as the Self, as the five bodies of the incarnate being, of the energy and thought existence of the Oneness you truly exist as.

* We suggest to all the use of a dictionary for reference. To look up words both familiar with and those unknown. We suggest this, we highly recommend this, due to the ability of the human mind to become so familiar with a word, of its meaning and its usage, that it loses the full definition and concept, the essence, the life force, of what the word is. Through reminding the self to, for instance, look up a word used quite regularly and read the definition. Clearing a space within the mind and putting, placing, within your mind that word and again reading the definition and each word used to describe the one word you have looked up, and feel it. Hear what it is truly represented as. Then allow yourself to relax into it to feel the energy of the word, to blend with it. Hold that essence, that concept, within your higher consciousness which comes about through this practice, this training, this remembering of life force existence through this expansion. Then look up another word and another and as speaking in a sentence combine each word in this manner with the concept of each word held in mind, acknowledged, truly acknowledged, experience what is said and you will be amazed, for it is different. It is as though the mind opens and the plates closing in, the blockades, obstructions, are freed and you become aware of so much more around you. You hear as people are truly speaking. You hear as you are truly speaking and thinking and representing yourself as.

This is how we speak when we are speaking to you or any other. In order to truly understand and hear our message as it is intended and meant and the essence, the vibration of light it exists as, this is the way to receive, to truly hear and understand, by becoming aware of each word, by removing the restrictions in judgment that you personally hold onto a word. For instance, if we are to use the words 'aura' or 'God' or 'Christ' or 'entity' or 'spirit' or 'wholeness', for each being reading, listening, hearing, these are interpreted differently. What we are asking is that while you become aware of what these words or any others trigger in you, what your personal limitations are holding onto these words and definitions as, smooth the mind out letting them go, moving past them into an open space of actual learning, actual experiencing. There is no harm in this space. There is nothing but light, stillness which is alive, which is everything existing in high balance vibrating Love's light. Hear each word individually and together and become aware of the concept of the words combined. Move beyond language, beyond mere hearing or reading, beyond mere extrasensory perception to feel, to experience, to blend to be the energy we are sending to you which is pure love and love intensions of wisdom, of whole health, healing, acceptance, and love unconditional in all ways.

To some, this may seem like an awful lot to apply to your reading. To others, it shall not and is not, it is accepted and understood and seen simply through our stating it. To each of these types of beings perceiving in these ways, to those in the in-between or neutral zone as well, we let you know that the path to inner self-truth recalled and reclaimed, the Oneness reclaimed as whole health with the life that you are, that it does take self-discipline. This discipline need not be rigid nor fierce nor angry nor judging. Rather, those are attributes that pull the self down. With discipline for learning, for comprehending, and then furthering the self-being, it takes practice and perseverance. It takes desire and true intent to receive, to understand. To Be. It takes motion, action on the energy level, on the thought levels of these, and physically. It takes emotional healing, breaking and stopping the patterns of self-deprivation through understanding why you are the way you are. Why you think, why you breathe, why you exist as you are and have been existing. When there comes understanding of why you are these ways in the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the energy, the physical, why you hold illnesses, judgments, restrictions, pains, grudges, hatred, love, desire, excitement, courage, strength, fear; when you understand where these come from within your own self in this lifetime, in others, from yourself as Source, the Divine healed and unhealed, comprehending and not, when it is understood you may then begin to experience more movement. A healing movement. A self-loving embrace, which is forgiveness of your self-judgments, of your self-pain inflicted by your being through all of your lives through your misconceptions, your heartaches, and memories now and of long ago. This movement is a shifting to higher vibration of all those of lessor vibrations; negativities, fear, dis-ease, illness and pain, of neglect and abuse upon your self-being and reflected back to you, as they are acknowledged, as they are understood, as they are forgiven not of others but of your own self, embracing all that you are as your full Self, your true nature; and in true nature there is always balance.

There is always light and dark and gray, sadness, joy, love, and hate. There is always a mixture and when you hold blindly to one side or the other whether consciously or not aware, you create further pain, further blockage in walls of illusion, holing up in your own reality rather than coexisting in the reality life vibrates as. Through accepting that what is done is done, what is felt is felt, what has been thought has been thought. They have been created. They are existing somewhere, for all time is at once. Let them go. Allow the light, and the higher Self in its wisdom and glory, to heal. Through acceptance you are released from those and healing further begins. It begins to integrate within you on the level of energy, the level of thought, until rising through every level of your being to combine and blend and be the physical.

Throughout this process many changes occur for you find peace, you find your own inner wisdom, your connection with the Divine, the messages of truth that you have always held within, and the clearer in understanding and acceptance you become the more you begin to see full reality. The more you expand with our awareness as your denials, limitations, your fears and judgments fall away, as you accept the Oneness which you are without expectation or negativity of what that Self is or might be or should or should not be. This is very possible. It is done continually by beings existing and we know that there are many who doubt, who fear, who do not understand, and it is through those who do, who feel the response within your mind-center, within your heart-center, within your energy, your spirit-being, who feel the movement of the pulling of the echo of truth; as each one of you heals inwardly the light expands outwardly and assists all. Each one decides if they will live in limitation, in fear, and to what degree, or to move out of it fully into light in all existing in alignment lovingly, unconditionally.

The messages we bring through to you this day are to bring inspiration, peace, encouragement to each who is seeking to rekindle awareness as their full being. To blend and combine openly with this Self as it exists as, as we, all of us, are truly. It is real. It does exist. While there is difficulty was it not difficult to learn to become used to illness and disease? To negativity, to fear? Was it not difficult when being incarnated, whether the first time or the last, to hear words and feel energies displeasing to your soul? To your light body? You learned to get used to these. Even those who have difficulty functioning with them around you, you are used to them still and it is this, this part that is familiar that questions the unknown and holds onto what is known. It is this part of you that we speak to and lend out our love openly. We embrace you and around you, each one, are so many beings who love you, who care for you in every way as you allow them to.

What we are encouraging through this moment of our speaking to you is to become aware within yourself. Honestly acknowledge how you restrict yourself. Notice that your mind says one thing as does your voice yet inside there is so much more occurring. So much that you do not share with others, that you do not even share or acknowledge in yourself. These are not bad. They are not wrong for they are a part of you and through ignorance, through choosing to blindly look away they shall not go away for they shall grow. It is only through acknowledging them in understanding and bringing in acceptance and healing light, raising their vibrations, shifting them to higher light, to love, that change occurs. True change. True peace. True healing.

For those familiar as well as unfamiliar with meditations of any kind, with mental relaxation exercises, we say to one and all and the same that these are not to be forced upon yourself nor are they, when used properly for true growth, to be slacked on. In order to learn, to grow, there must be practice and in that practice there must be patience for yourself in your learning. Understanding that it does take time for most individuals to retrain their mind, to hold a stillness, to hold a focus, to speak within, and to receive a response back. It is not that we, nor yourself, do not respond back to you, rather it is that the conscious mind and the fears, restrictions, often block and get in the way, afraid, doubting, nervous. This is not wrong. This is not bad. This is not anything, it simply exists. We are not judging on this, yet we state as truth that this is what many experience and it is okay as long as you move through it and do not allow it to become a blockade. Do not judge yourself, for it weakens the heart in its healing.

Embrace yourself in every way. Love who you are, all you say, all you do, all you think, all you exist as unconditionally. This is what this means. This is what this is. It is nonjudgment of the self or any other for all are a mirroring image of one face, one soul, one spirit being, one thought entity. Allow yourself to hear what we truly say. Allow yourself, your mind, to expand and comprehend for you are on the planet in these time phases, those recently past and those coming, in such a way that never on Earth has been experienced quite like this. You are now able to comprehend in ways the masses in physicalness had prior not been able to. You are able to partake in miracles of self-healing, of comprehension, of blending with the universal truths, of understanding the laws of existence which create all things. Of blending and being aware in the space we exist in and as, and bring this awareness back within your physical form and echo outward through you in all energies, all thoughts, all emotions, all ways.

You are able at this time to transcend karmic patterns for karma no longer exists as it has been thought. Only for those who hold deeply onto it, refusing to change, to let go, to acknowledge that times are shifting in energy, only for those may it continue to exist, circulating pleasure and pain with little learning, evolving, recalling, and blending actually occurring.

Anyone at any time through pure desire, intent, and trust may expand and connect with us and may remember fully. It is happening around the planet, around the galaxy, and throughout the universe as those from the other existences, other universes, including the aspects of your higher Self, reach outward to assist you in your willingness to move ahead to see, to release, to receive, to understand. To heal and to Be.


With peace and love blessings sent to each, Peace Be.

We are Divinity


* Heather posed the following question to the Divinity in reference to the previous message, "My question is to gain understanding. You had stated, “.. to become aware of what the word in its literalness, in its definition of itself, not yours nor any others of it, but what the word itself is. What it exists as and vibrates throughout its entire being.”, and later you say to look up the definition of the words in a dictionary. Wouldn’t the dictionary definition be another person’s interpretation of the word? Please explain."

Divinity responded, "To be aware of the genuine meaning of the word is to go into the space of awareness, the Awareness State, and to then call forth the energy of the word. To feel it, to experience and mesh with it as the energy that it does indeed exist as separate from human assignment. That said, and to answer your query, we shall add that once having experienced the energy, the tone, and vibration of the word in its raw state, then apply the definition of it as it has been decided and agreed upon by the human beings which had constructed the definition.

We know, it sounds confusing but open your mind, your energies, and your brain to receive this information and ask that the understanding come and be presented within you. Sit within the open space of, as, your being. Call on the word as energy, feel it, experience it, and then look up its meaning and apply the agreed-upon definition of the word so that it truly sinks in. You will find that your appreciation for language changes and, likewise, you will find that many doorways open. Doorways that you had not priorly known existed. These lead you into the experience of manifestation and thinking, processing, and creating in a brand-new manner for you will find that the words are alive, living life force. Such is the way of the master. And what is it to be the master than to be aware and conscious in all ways, energy, and multi-solution of the area in which you focus."

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