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"You are energy. Consciousness of the Divine incarnated, a biospiritual being."

- The Gathering

Rock Balancing
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Pebble Beach

The basic foundation of increasing bio-spiritual consciousness and achieving what the guides refer to as the awareness state is achieved through three main steps.  

  • Relaxing the body

  • Stilling the mind

  • Holding a focus

Zen Stones

Grounding is the practice of connecting the life force that moves through your body with the Earth. The Divinity use this grounding technique as the foundation on which the advanced practices of wholeness are built. The technique assists the physical body in the assimilation of life force, removes built-up energy, raises the vibrational frequency of the layered bodies, and increases conscious awareness.

Balancing Rocks

The following practices are built on the basic techniques that were shared earlier.  They progress forward in the ways to consciously connect with the Divine. The practices aid in increasing alignment, awareness, transformation, and reclamation of wholeness. 

Follow along with one of our many guided practices of intention at Heather Anayaya: Reclaiming Wholeness

"Begin with the basics; meditation, grounding, awakening consciousness with heart and mind open. And in that state of being, create your newest story."

- The Gathering


The Basics

The following exercises are for application in the order provided. Each works to train the body and mind in relaxation and opening to higher awareness. The practices increase awareness of the self and interaction with the realms of the highest light. When placed together, they escort into the awareness state.


Your intention is everything. Accepting that your experience will be unique each time that you enter meditation will allow you to be present to experience the moment. If you can visualize the process then do so. If you don't visualize it as all right, accept it and think of the steps as occurring: "I breathe in peacefulness as golden light. The light is in every breath that I take. As I breathe it enters and blends within my body. Every cell, every molecule and atom is filled with the golden light and my body responds by relaxing." If your mind wanders, once recognized simply bring it back to focus on the light moving through and filling your body and continue your practice.

Encourage yourself to move through the practices without rushing. Enjoy yourself as you harmonically increase your awareness and the vibrations and frequencies of your mind, energy, and physical body.

"Begin with the basics; meditation, grounding, awakening consciousness with heart and mind open. And in that state of being, create your newest story." - The Gathering

Relaxing the Body

Basic 1 Relax

Full body relaxation is an essential part of increasing your awareness. When the physical body has comfortably relaxed the stresses of daily life dissolve with greater ease, no longer hindering the body through upsets and aches that can distract the mind from its focus. Relaxation is the foundation on which stilling the mind of intruding thoughts, holding a conscious focus, and entering the awareness state are built. Through practicing this technique you will learn to observe your body and surroundings. With continued practice, you will be able to reduce stress and relax in any setting. When the physical body is relaxed the energies that flow through the body move with greater ease. As you become used to full-body relaxation you will move into the relaxed state with greater ease and efficiency until it is your natural state. 

Relaxing the Body Guided MeditationAnayaya
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  • Find a comfortable position that supports and naturally aligns your head, neck, back, and hips, keeping your arms and legs uncrossed, palms facing upward. 

  • As you breathe inward, imagine that the air is a clear golden light that is Divine love, harmony, joyfulness, and perfect health. As you breathe out consciously allow all tension, anxiety, fear, and dis-ease to leave your form and dissolve into the light as it enters the space surrounding your body. Continue breathing in and outward in this manner, taking and giving full breaths, until you notice that all tension has left your body and relaxation fills your physical form. Allow yourself to relax into the peacefulness, experiencing the calmness within.


  • When you feel ready, move your awareness into your toes. Allow the calmness and peace to fill your toes completely, relaxing and easing away all muscle tension and rigidity. Remain consciously aware within and as your toes until they are thoroughly relaxed and filled with the comfort of peace.

  • Now, move your awareness and peacefulness into your ankles. Allow your ankles to fill and relax into the peace thoroughly. When ready, move the peace and your awareness into your calves, moving through each muscle and bone until they completely relax. The awareness and peacefulness continue to flow, moving up your calves, reaching and filling your knees. Continue moving your awareness and the peaceful light up through your body until every muscle and bone is completely relaxed, as though floating. 

  • When your entire body from head to toe is relaxed, bring your awareness into your face. Allow your jaw and forehead to further relax. The peaceful light moves through your face blending and filling your eyes, mouth, ears, skin, bones, and hair. Gently adjust position if needed, keeping your spine relaxed and aligned with your hips and neck. Continue the awareness of breathing in the golden light and the peace, harmony, and relaxation that it restores. 

  • Become aware in your mind. Allow the peaceful light to fill every atom and cell through the DNA of your brain. It moves through all areas until your thoughts are soothed, filled with the golden light of peaceful relaxation. 

  • Experience the sensation of total relaxation within your body. Float and drift within it. Be aware that relaxation is a part of who you now are. Spend several moments in relaxation, consciously experiencing your whole physical body and mind at ease. 

  • Make the conscious statement in your mind or combined with your voice that the next time that you think of and call on this state of relaxation you will move into it with even greater ease. Then, give thankfulness to your body, mind, the life force, and your guides for aiding you in this practice and slowly return to a mobile state, allowing peace and comfort to remain with you.

Take Away

  • Think of ways that you can bring the practice of conscious relaxation into daily activities. Ask yourself, "How will I benefit from practicing relaxed awareness in my life situations?"

  • Think, visualize, speak, or write about yourself flowing into the aware relaxation in certain situations and activities. Write your story, hold the intention to succeed, and then take the steps to create it.


Stilling the Mind

Basic 2 Still mind

Learning to still the mind and to hold a conscious focus are two parts of the same process. Together they are the backbone of conscious communication with the light. To consciously receive the thought impulses and other forms of communication sent to you from the guides of high light you must be able to detect them from the chatter of your mind. Stilling the mind takes practice. This does not mean that there isn't any thought existing. It refers to a stillness from intruding thoughts that take you from your practice and focus. Having loving patience for yourself and the learning process will be of great benefit.

  • Relax as in the previous technique and once you are in the experience of total relaxation in your body and awareness in your mind, become aware of any thoughts or self-observations that are present. Allow all thoughts to simply exist and move on their own as you observe them. As though observing a river, observe the flow of your thoughts while absent from judgment.

  • Begin to smooth out your thoughts. Imagine gently caressing them, as though smoothing away wrinkles from a bed sheet. Stroke each thought with the intention of quieting your mind, allowing each thought to dissolve. You do not need to force this process, force is resistance and only holds tighter to what you seek to transform. If you are experiencing difficulty relaxing your thoughts, simply return your focus to the relaxation of your body, and once engulfed in relaxation allow the peace to fill and spread through your mind.

  • During the process of stilling your mind, or once it is free of intruding thoughts, imagine that you are floating in the peacefulness of space. Your body is relaxed, completely at ease, and your mind fills the spaciousness. For certain individuals, this focus may aid in the removal of abstract thoughts and keep them at bay.

  • Continue relaxing your thoughts until you have achieved an aware stillness and can maintain this state for several minutes.

  • When your entire body from head to toe is relaxed, bring your awareness into your face. Allow your jaw and forehead to relax. The peaceful light moves through your face blending and filling your eyes, mouth, ears, skin, bones, and hair. Gently adjust position if needed, keeping your spine relaxed and aligned with your hips and neck. Continue the awareness of breathing in the golden light and the peace, harmony, and relaxation that it restores. 


Holding a Focus

Basics Hold focus 3

Learning to hold a focus enables you to continue to receive and flow with your guide's communication and equally trains you to hold a focus despite sounds or other outside interferences. Before you begin, chose several qualities or aspects that you wish to further develop in yourself and your life. You will use these to focus on during this practice. 

During this practice, it is important to receive any impressions in the forms that they are presented to you. Rather than trying to make sense of them at the time that they appear or seeking to fit them into your mind's understanding, acknowledge the experience and flow with it. Often, a person will request aid and guidance and as the information flows to them they discredit it due to expecting the information to appear to them in a way that they believe it should. There is no should, it does not exist. Be consciously present during your practice and after you have experienced the aspect as it presents to you, you can go back over the occurrence and seek greater clarity of it.

  • Beginning from the aware stillness of the last exercise, bring to mind one of the aspects that you chose for your practice. Allow the aspect to fill your awareness. For example: if the aspect is Patience, pull the word 'patience' into your mind. Think or say the word and fill your mind with it, placing all mental focus on the word. Anayaya does this by slowly repeating the word as a mantra and, calling on the essence of the word, she asks that it present itself to her. 

  • Relax into this concept and experience the vibration and essence of it. Are there sensations that you experience with the focus of this concept? Do you see, sense, or think of a color, sound, image, or word as you think of and sink into the aspect? While remaining relaxed and still, become aware of what you are experiencing. Let your mind relax, Rather than leading or dictating with your mind, simply flow in and as the experience. If your mind wanders, once recognized simply stroke the intruding thought away, knowing that you can return to it later if desired, then return to your intended focus.

  • Allow yourself to move beyond your held concept of the aspect that you are focusing on. As though reaching up and outward, expand your mind. While centered on your focus, allow yourself to experience the concept as it now presents itself to you. No longer limited by your idea of what the aspect is, experience the aspect as pure light. Float within this experience and while remaining mentally relaxed and free from expectation, observe any sensations, thoughts, and impressions that move to or through you.

  • Once your experience of the aspect has finished presenting itself to you, or you have held your focus on the energy of the aspect-word for several minutes, bring to mind new ways you may experience and blend this aspect into situations and daily life. While remaining in the energy of the aspect, allow all thoughts, images, etc. to come to you on how you can call on this aspect and its vibrational frequencies in activities and situations. Visualize yourself emanating the aspect and how you feel during it. Ask the aspect, "How may you aid me?" and then allow the aspect to speak to you. Partake in the wisdom it lends. Sink into and sit within the aspect and permeate, and become enmeshed together as one. Absorb it into your bones, tissue, and throughout your being to the finest particle of your form.

  • When the aspect has finished presenting itself to you, you can focus on another aspect. When you have completed the practice give gratitude and thankfulness to the guides, Source, and the aspects that assisted you. Make the conscious statement in your mind or voice that the next time that you call on the ability to focus that you will experience it with even greater ease and that you open to receive and perceive with clarity and greater accuracy.

Take Away

  • Practice frequently

  • Have fun with your practice

  • Begin practicing in a variety of locations and situations, it can take place where ever you are located


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