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"Begin with the basics; meditation, grounding, awakening consciousness with heart and mind open. And in that state of being, create your newest story."

 The Gathering

Grounding is the practice of connecting the life force that moves through your body with the Earth. This grounding technique is the foundation on which the advanced practices are built. The technique is taught in order to aid the physical body in the assimilation of life force, remove built-up energy, aid in raising the vibrational frequency of the layered bodies, and increase conscious awareness. It equally serves to awaken our conscious connection with the Earth and restore remembrance of, and function as, wholeness. 

Your intention affects everything. Accepting that your experience will be unique each time that you enter meditation will allow you to be present to experience the moment you are in. If you can visualize the process then do so. If you don't visualize, it is all right, accept it and simply think of the steps as occurring. If your mind wanders, once recognized simply bring it back to focus on the practice.

Grounding Guided MeditationAnayaya
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  • Find a comfortable position that supports and naturally aligns your head, neck, back, and hips, keeping your arms and legs uncrossed, palms facing upward.

  • Allow any concerns to gently smooth away along with all rigidity and tension. Take in a cleansing breath and when you exhale, breathe out all negativity, turmoil, etc. Continue conscious relaxation of the body until you feel peaceful relaxation moving through your thoughts, emotions, and physical form.

  • Move your awareness into your mind. Think, imagine, or visualize a soft, clear golden light in your mind gently yet steadily circulating through your brain to heal, cleanse, and regenerate all cells to perfect functioning and clarity. This light is the life force energy that sustains life. Allow the golden light to move through all areas of your brain and head. As it moves, and circulates, it relaxes your eyes, jaw, forehead, and all skin. It fills your ears, producing clear hearing and your eyes with clear vision. It moves into your third eye (forehead between and above the physical eyes) and creates a healing space for inner vision and comprehension. Become aware that as you breathe in you are taking in golden light and it moves throughout your body as breath. Relax further into the golden light as it fills the space of your head, and allow yourself to experience.​

  • The golden light moves into your throat while it also remains circulating through your head area, and fills each and every cell. Allow the light to continue to circulate through your body filling your chest and all organs. Moving down your arms through the tissue, bones, blood, nerves, and out your open palms and fingers to fill the space surrounding your body and blend with the life force energy in the air. And, the light continues circulating through your body as it remains filling all areas that it has traveled and the air surrounding your form. It moves through your spine, entering and beautifully spreading up and down the length filling, consuming each disk, each vertebra, and the nerves, aligning and healing each perfectly. It moves throughout all of your muscles, each and every bone, your cartilage, it flows in your blood, through your stomach and intestines, reproductive organs, and flows to fill your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet. 

  • The golden light now fills every part of your inner and outer body, it radiates from you as a glorious mist. Become aware of the sensation of unity with your body as light and perfect health. Sit in the sensation.

  • When you are ready allow yourself to become aware that the light leaves through your toes and feet while it continues entering your body through your breath and circulating throughout your body and the space around you, the supply is endless.

  • As the light moves out of your feet it enters the ground or floor that is beneath you. The golden light moves through the soil or every layer of the structure that you are in until joining the soil. The light travels down through the dirt, rocks, and roots, passing through every layer of the Earth until it reaches the Earth's heart center. As the light connects with the heart of the Earth the two blend. Allow yourself to experience the blending, to feel it, and to accept that it is occurring. Float within this sensation, become familiar with it, and with maintaining this connection in your life.

  • The beautiful blended Earth energy and golden light life force energy move from the Earth's heart outward in every direction. It moves effortlessly through the layers and the blended energy permeates all groundwater, minerals, plant life, insects, fungi, and animals, buildings, people, and as the energy flows your consciousness flows with it and you are aware and connected with all that you encounter, recognizing each as an extension of yourself.

  • The blended light enters your feet, filling your entire body. As it circulates it moves out through fingers and open palms, the front and back of your body, and out through the top of your head, blending with the life force in the air around you. 

  • Rest in this space and when you are ready give thanks to the life force, yourself, Earth, all guides, and Divine Source for aid in this experience. Continue your daily activities while allowing conscious connection and flowing energy to continue.

Take Away

  • Think of several ways that you can bring the practice of grounding into your daily activity. Ask yourself, "How will I benefit from grounding?", "How will the Earth benefit from my conscious grounding connection?","How will other aspects of the Divine living in and on Earth benefit from me consciously grounding?"

  • Think, visualize, speak, or write about yourself flowing in a conscious loving connection with the Earth. See it as real, your future self rejoicing and radiant with light and grounding. 


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