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Open Your Self to New Possibilities

A channeling session provides a profound and transformative experience for individuals seeking an understanding of life events, behaviors and reactions, and spiritual growth. During the sessions, Heather connects with the spiritual realm to receive messages that are meant just for you. With Heather and the guides' direction, you will gain a deeper understanding of your path and purpose, while receiving the support you need to navigate life's challenges.

Channeling Basics

Session Basics

  • General information

  • Client Consent/Terms of Use

  • Session Length

  • Preparing for Your Session

  • An Overview of a Typical Session

  • Recording the Session

General Information:

A session can be conducted on your own, with an additional attendee, or with a group. They can be conducted in person or remotely. Most sessions follow the basic session format detailed below. All clients are required to read and sign the Client Service Agreement and Terms of Use before their session. This includes each person participating in a group service.


The masters and Divinity pack a great deal of information into their responses to your inquiries and into their opening and closing messages.  Just as each person is unique, so each interaction with Divinity and the masters is unique. Either Divinity or the masters of The Gathering, or both, will address you. This is often unknown until the session is underway. At times Heather Anayaya is provided additional information to share with you prior to, alongside, or following your session. 

The information from the masters and Divinity resonates on different layers. Throughout your session, broader information is shared as energy and is integrated on multiple levels. Greater understanding is released as you apply reflection and explore the information from your session.  To gain the most benefit from your session, please read How the Masters & Divinity Communicate and Understanding Our Messages. For information about sessions for larger groups, please click here. 


Session Length:

It is advised to allow 2 1/2 - 3 hours for your entire experience, this includes time processing on your own following. A typical session for one to four people lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes however the actual length is determined by many factors. These include:

  • The length of Divinity or The Gathering's opening and closing sections of the session

  • The length of the question and answer section of the session 

  • Whether a guided meditation or practice of intention is conducted

  • The length of the session review with Heather Anayaya following your conversation with the guides. 

Because of this, the time frame for a session is provided as an estimate. A session is done when either Divinity or the masters have completed sharing their entire message with you. 

It is suggested to plan additional time in case your session runs long, and to allow yourself time on your own following the session, to jot down your thoughts and experiences while they are fresh in your mind.

Preparing For Your Session:
It is advised to begin preparation several days in advance of your session. You are encouraged to be mindful of what you consume and to get adequate rest. These practices will assist you in being clear at the time of the session.

You are encouraged to write topics and questions that you would like to discuss with the guides, prioritizing the ones of most significant importance to you.

During the session, if not held in person, it is important that you are in a location where you are comfortable and will not be interrupted or distracted. 

Please dress comfortably for your session and be prepared to remove your shoes.

A Typical Session
Your session will begin with a period of alignment and attunement. During this time the guides prepare the space for the session by raising the frequencies of the space that you are in, working on your energy, and aligning you, Anayaya, and them. Each alignment is unique and can take approximately three to fifteen minutes to complete, although the usual length is 2 - 5 minutes. The length of time may increase when a larger group of people are present for the session. A meditation or practice of intention may occur during this time. This may be led by Heather Anayaya or by Divinity or The Gathering. 

The verbal session usually begins with the masters or Divinity greeting you and sharing the information with you that they deem as most significant. Occasionally they will begin by asking you to state your first question. Following their response to your questions, they will often ask whether you have additional questions about the information that they have shared with you, striving to lend as clear an understanding as possible. Following their response, the masters or Divinity will ask you to present your next question. 

Recording the Session:
The session will be recorded and a copy of it will be made available for you to download. It may take up to four days for you to be emailed a link to access and download an audio copy. During the session, you are welcome to use your silenced phone to make your own recording.

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