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The guided practices of intention, and accompanying channeled messages, are provided to assist in humanity's ascension process by increasing vibration and frequencies. When regularly practiced with intention, whether by listening to the guided recordings or practicing on our own, they awaken greater consciousness and raise our vibration and frequency. In the raised frequency of awareness we are able to consciously increase the vibration and tones of our communities, planet, and off-planet, and multidimensionally in alignment with Divine Love.



About the Love's Light Sessions

The Love's Light Sessions began in 1997 as a bi-weekly gathering focused on personal and universal transformation. Led by the Divinity Council of Three, the group was guided in practices of awareness and meditation to create individual, group, community, planetary, and universal alignment with Source by increasing awareness and energy frequencies. The group ended in 2005 when Heather ceased public channeling. 


With Heather Anayaya's 2021 return to public channeling, The Gathering and Divinity Council of Three have encouraged the groups' resurrection. They speak of the importance of gathering on the level of consciousness to connect and harmonize with and as Divine Love. They go on to say that through the practice of individually connecting with Source and then expanding to recognize and experience the self as Source in all others, the planet, and multidimensionally, a shift in the overall consciousness and the frequencies they manifest as will occur. 

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"Whether one vibrates as high light vibration, a middle vibration, or low vibration, within each there is pure Love vibrating, which is the vibration of creation. "

~ Divinity


The weekly guided practices of intention range from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Each is unique and are led by either Divinity or The Gathering, channeled through Heather Anayaya. At times they guide in meditation and at other times they mingle the awareness activity with additional information. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • If able, be in a location without distraction or interruption

  • Walk, sit, or lay down in a comfortable position

  • Give yourself permission to relax, play, imagine, and have fun

  • Intentionally let go of expectations. There is no right or wrong way to experience and each time you may experience it differently

The session will begin with a period of alignment and attunement. During this time the guides prepare by raising the frequency of the space that we are in. They work at raising our energy and aligning each of us individually and as a group, with them. Either The Gathering or Divinity will begin speaking once the alignment is complete. 


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Why We Gather

The Gathering Explain Why They Conduct The Practices Of Intention

August 11, 2022







Why We Gather
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