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Rewrite Your


"We are all creators. We create with every thought that we think and with the emotions we harbor. However, we often apply our brilliant thought-energy and creative ability to reinforce boundaries, limit beliefs, and deny our ability to create magnificence.

It is time to change the pattern."

~ Anayaya, excerpt Powerful Abundance Creator 

Rewriting one's life story is not a new concept. However, it has a significant impact in transforming your life from what it has been into what you would like it to be. Rewriting your story does not mean you are to deny or ignore your life experiences. Quite the opposite. 

Rewriting your story begins by acknowledging the narrative that you tell yourself and others about who you are. It requires that you move beyond merely acknowledging the stories that you share about your life into examining the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that you repeat, living as though the story that you tell is unchangeable,

 and, identify and install the new elements that align with the life that you choose. 


Rewriting your story is an adventure in self-honesty, bringing you to acknowledge the attachments that you have formed to various aspects of your life. On your journey, you will be presented with tools that will assist in your ability to heal the challenging parts of your life and learn from them and from your attachment to them. You will learn how to move beyond the narrative you had lived by while consciously creating your new story. 


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