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How the Masters & Divinity Communicate

Divinity and The Gathering communicate in a fluid manner, a river of intertwined energy that consists of images, colors, and groups of detailed concepts that accompany the words that are verbally spoken. Due to the depth and broadness of information that is provided, it cannot be fully conveyed through speech. Because of this, they encapsulate the concepts into specific words and the way that they string their words together. 

Divinity teaches that words are living energy. They say that the information within them opens when a certain word or group of words in their messages are read, listened to, or spoken with intention. This is comparable to reading a website with an embedded hyperlink. If you click your computer’s cursor on the word that contains the hyperlink another page will open that holds detailed information about the topic of the word that you had clicked on. Instead of using a cursor to click and open the concepts embedded in the words of the messages, we use our intention. The concepts contained within the messages are then integrated into our minds, energy, and various aspects of our bodies.


There are layers to the messages.  Some of the information is released into our awareness at the moment it is read or listened to, whereas other information works behind the scenes by producing effects necessary for the expansion of our understanding, growth, and healing, and is released over an extended period of time. What we conceive as the meaning of their words takes on newer hues and depth as we integrate the energy of the messages into our bodies, energies, and mind.

To take in the concepts that Divinity and The Gathering’s words convey sometimes requires us to listen or read slowly, reflect, relisten or read, and ponder the meaning of individual or groups of words that have been placed together. 


It is suggested that as you listen or read their messages, you approach it as an experience, riding the flow of energy that their words have created much as if riding on a current of water and allowing yourself to be carried by the flow. You may gain more from the Divinity and The Gathering’s messages if you approach them after intentionally relaxing and expanding yourself, such as through meditation, prayer, time in nature, or by other methods that personally aid you in consciously opening to receive the concepts and energy. 


When I read the guide's messages out loud, I experience an effect that differs from when I read silently. I have found that this method allows me to take in the broader concept of the words and enables me to feel the effect of the words more noticeably in my body. I encourage you to find the manners that work best for you, remaining aware that manners may change when you are in different vibrations and moods.

You will hear and see the words Love and Oneness applied as a name throughout the messages. When this occurs, it refers to the Divine Source and the collective Divine being that we are as a whole. You will also notice that both Divinity and The Gathering use the word ‘we’ when speaking of themselves as well when speaking of humanity and other beings. They intentionally do this to impress on us that we are interconnected, and to dissolve the myth that there is a separation between Source and all existing. Another word that is often capitalized is Consciousness. When capitalized it usually refers to the state of existing as the highest vibration of awareness and energy without physical form.

Divinity and The Gathering’s wise council encourage the discovery and acceptance of our true selves, compassionately bringing what we have forgotten, avoided, and hidden into the light. As we journey to reclaim wholeness, moving beyond what is thought to be our personal selves, they guide us in consciously embodying the Divine essence that all is built from and with authority restore all to the frequencies of Divine Love.

Regardless of the manner we take in absorbing the messages, the guides encourage us to engage with an open heart and child-like mind that is receptive to being inspired.


Many blessings,

Heather Anayaya


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