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Sound & Energy


Activate and restore your innate state of wellness

Restorative sound healing sessions can help bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Sound healing is scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and promote deep relaxation using sound waves to relax the body and bring it into a parasympathetic state that restores health. Whether you’re looking to heal from chronic pain, work through emotional turbulence, or want to experience greater peace and harmony, a sound healing session with can bring greater well-being to your life. 


$135 - New clients, includes your first and second sound healing sessions
$75 - Returning clients 

A sound healing session is 75 minutes in length. Your appointment will include an intake, 45 minutes of sound healing, and a wrap-up.

New Clients: As a new client, it is important to book both your first and second sound healing sessions at the same time. This is because the effects of a sound healing session are more deeply integrated with the follow-up session. It is recommended to attend your second session within two weeks of your initial appointment. To schedule your sessions, please view the appointment calendar to select a time slot that works best for you or call to select your appointments. 

All Clients are requested to complete a Client Intake and Terms of Use Consent Form for Sound and Energy Healing services at least 3 days prior to your appointment. This will enable Heather Anayaya to review the intent of your session and prepare accordingly. Please review our service details and policies and the benefits and precautions of sound healing prior to scheduling your session.

Returning Clients: As a returning client, the goal is to maintain balance by staying on top of your rejuvenation process. You can schedule your sound healing sessions biweekly, monthly, or space them out every other month in order to address tension, stress, and emotional or physical symptoms that arise, and maintain your well-being.

Meet Heather 

With over 30 years of experience, Heather Anayaya has amassed an extensive knowledge base in the realms of energy work and intuitive healing. As a Reiki Master Instructor, she has trained and guided hundreds of individuals toward a better understanding of healing themselves and their lives.


Heather received certifications in sound healing from Life Changing Energy and additional studies in tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and voice toning through The Sound Healing Academy.

Meet Heather
Buddhist Singing Bowl
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