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Group Sessions 

A variety of group sessions are available to meet your needs

Group Sessions:

During a group session, the guides will follow the basic layout of a session. This includes an opening message to the group followed by the Question & Answer section when those in attendance will be invited to ask their individual questions. 


Attending a group session does not guarantee that everyone in attendance will receive a personal reading . 

Group sessions last 2 to 2+ hours, depending on the size of the group.

Group Pricing

  • Eight to Twelve Attendees: $700

  • Thirteen to Twenty Attendees: $1,000

  • Twenty-one or more Attendees: Ask for pricing

Important Group Information 

  • Attending a group session does not guarantee a personal reading for all attendees

  • The length of each session is determined by the length of the opening and closing sections the guides share, the length of the question and answer sections, and whether a guided meditation is conducted. Because of this, the time frame of 2 to 2+ hours is provided as an estimate.

Small Groups

Small Groups

Medium Groups

Medium Groups

Large Groups

Large Groups

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