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A Message on Love: A Personal Session

The following is an excerpt from a personal session for A. Although the information was in response to A.'s question, it addresses a situation that many people experience. It is important to note that the Divinity uses the language, religious, and spiritual metaphors that A., as a Christian, could readily relate to. This is an example of what the guides refer to when stating,
"We gather based on the information needed to be received at the precise time."
Permission to share this message was granted by A.

"Beloved, know that I am with you. From inside your heart, the deepest reaches, a voice of longing has been heard. It has cried out for many years and each step you have taken, you have been accompanied by helpers of the Divine. Never have you been abandoned to wander, always you have been held in safety and unconditional love.


There is an adventure, it calls from within you. A calling, a memory of home. You seek a peace so sweet and mesmerizing, and yet you have held it at arm's length for so long. Let loose the fear that binds you! Unravel the vines that hold you to it and know, deep and thoroughly, that you are protected, cherished, and safe. Sink in, dear child of loving essence, sink into the peace that permeates your surrounding space. Close your eyes - listen. What do you hear? Notice the essence that fills the air, the breeze? Is that not love? Of course it is! The helpers and guides that accompany you are waiting to assist, they assist in dissolving the vines of fear from your heart, from your belief in limitation, from the view you hold and reckoned with as your place in life - in the world.

You are here to do great things. Many you have already started, some you have completed - of these they are the trials and tribulations that you have encountered and made it through with a heart strong with love. It was in no way an easy feat and we rejoice at your journey. More to come is now awakening, into truly living with your heart open - not being tossed about as a ship on an angry sea, but as the master walked on the water, soothing the storm where he stood, the waves crashing and tossing about him, while calm traveled wherever he placed his foot. Some say these are stories, they are actually the essence of truth - how to live. He was not merely an act of God on Earth showing off his Divine connection, rather he was the example of what all can do when aware as God's love. When you walk, walk as peace and Divine love. Call on highest Divine love to dissolve all fear and thought that is no longer in your best interest. Call in God's pure love and release, surrender, into the fold.

Your journey does not mean that you must forsake and leave your loved ones. It is intended that you stay and go as you so see fit. We mean this as a way to help you bridge the conflict that had grown up inside of you - lover/family or God, is what it said. The truth, dear one, is that God never leaves. You know this in mind, you know it in heart to various extents. We advise that you truly, deeply pray and meditate on it, however, because there has been a holding back belief that you must choose one or the other: the thought that once upon a time rooted in your soul that if with your lover or family, you were unworthy of pure love experienced from God. Even if you do not feel or recognize this, we advise to call on highest Divine love to dissolve all fear and thought that is no longer in your best interest. Call in God's pure love and release, surrender, into the fold.

Shalom. "

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